Release History

2.0.0-beta2 2018 Dec 11

  • Warning of possible discontinuation of service, due to Googles termination of the realtime-api

1.0.10 2018 Sept 5

  • Improved UI by reducing size of tasks when more than 6 tasks in column
  • Added support to menu
  • UI change of icons on project task overview

1.0.9 2017 Dec 15

  • Improvement: Signup button not according to Google Guidelines.
    Needed for verification of that app from Google
  • Improvement: Security configurations on the CLIENT_ID according to Googles guidelines

1.0.8 2017 Dec 06

  • Bug: Font to large on "My plan" in the account page

1.0.7 2017 Nov 27

  • Bug: Deleting attachments failed

1.0.6 2017 Oct 31

  • Improvement: Webapp now support fullscreen mode on iPhone / IOS when bookmark to home screen
  • Improvement: Typographic cleanup on markup, H1,H2 with smaller fonts and less spacing. bullet lists
  • Improvement: More descriptive Tasks for onboarding new users.
  • Improvement: Minor ui styling adjustments.
  • Bug: Non secure links (http) in task descriptions did not open properly

1.0.5 2017 Oct 17

  • Bug: Missing owner image on mytasks

1.0.4 2017 Oct 4

  • Improvement: Google Analytics

1.0.3 2017 Aug 21st

  • Bug: Project icons wraps to next line in dropdown menu (Firefox)

1.0.2 2017 Aug 14th

  • Bug :  Attachments are not saved when adding to a new task 
  • Improvement: Edit button is jumping when scrolling on iPhone

1.0.1 2017 Aug 8th

  • Improvement:Truncate long project names in dropdown menu
  • Improvement:  No action when clicking on "locked" projects in dropdown navigation
  • Bug: In rare cases missing profilePhotos in some shared project caused incomplete project list

1.0.0 2017 Jul 7th

  • Initial public version

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