EN: Dodone ask for permission to my Google Drive is that safe ?

When you register you are asked to grant access to my Google Drive. 

dodone relies entirely on storing data on your Google Drive. As a third party application you must grant it permission to do so.
You give it only access to your data when you are logged into dodone.it - We cannot access your data when you are offline.

What does dodone do on your google drive ?
1. It creates a folder called DoDone.
2. For each project you create it adds a project board file and a subfolder that can be opened directly from Google Drive
3. When you add attachments to notes, they are added to the project folder with that are shared with the project members.

Google Drive is a safe and secure place to store data, and we will not and cannot access other files than those used by this application
See our privacy policy for more info.

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